Harvester Borderer

Harvester Restaurant
323 Malpas Road

NP20 6EP

Tel: 01633 858667


Opening Times:
Food served
Mon-Sun 9am-10pm

Labelled Vegan Labelled Vegan

Number of Vegan dishes:
3 Mains,
6 Sides,
1 Dessert

Mains £8.49-£11.49,
Sides £1.99-£2.99,
Dessert £4.49

Our comments: Harvester restaurant have labelled vegan options. The suitable mains are aubergine & red lentil tagine (giant couscous cooked with apricots, raisins, coriander & red pepper, topped with a Moroccan-inspired spiced stew, with flat bread & avocado dip), penne arrabiata (with black olives, kappia pepper& watercress) and stuffed red pepper (stuffed with sweet potato, black bean & quinoa chilli, with spicy tomato & black bean rice & sweet potato fries). The vegan sides are fries, sage & onion seasoned fries, sweet potato fries, spicy rice, steamed vegetables and jacket potato. For dessert you can have the coconut & raspberry rice pudding.

On Malpas Road.

Updated: 09/04/2017
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