Chain Restaurant
Unit R4
73 Friars Walk Shopping Centre
Usk Plaza

NP20 1HG

Tel: 01633 215205


Opening Times:
Mon-Sun 11.30am-10pm

Number of Vegan dishes:
2 Burgers, 2 Salad Mains,
4 Appeteasers, 6 Sides,
1 Dessert

Burgers £5.90-£10.60, Salad Mains £4.40-£5.75+,
Appeteasers £2.40-£3.55, Sides £2.40-£4.40,
Dessert £2.95

Our comments: Inform the staff that you are vegan when ordering; they can advise on what is suitable. The following dishes are vegan.
Mains: Mixed leaf salad, Mediterranean Salad (without feta).
Appeteasers: Houmous with peri-peri drizzle, spicy mixed olives, peri-peri nuts, garlic bread.
Sides: Garlic bread, corn on the cob, chips, peri-salted chips, mixed leaf salad, chargrilled veg.
Dessert: Passion fruit gelado.
The peri-peri drizzle extra is suitable. The veggie burger itself is vegan, as is the portobello mushroom burger without halloumi, these come in a roll, pitta or wrap, ask which of these are suitable and specify no mayo. The veggie strips from the Nandinos menu are vegan.

Friars Walk Shopping Centre, in the city centre.

Updated: 03/04/2016
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