Canteen 18

Vegan Cafe
18 Brynymor Road


Tel: 01792 555518

Opening Times:
Wed-Sun 10am-4pm

Recommended Recommended
100% vegan 100% vegan

Number of Vegan dishes:
Everything is vegan.

Breakfast £6.50+,
Lunches, £3.50-£4.50+

Our comments: Canteen 18 is Swansea’s only fully vegan café. They serve a full breakfast until noon consisting of sosage, scrambled tofu, smoky beans, mushrooms, hash brown & toast or you can make your own with a choice of those ingredients plus tempeh rashers, sliced tomato & spinach and avocado. Between midday and 3pm they offer lunches of soup of the day & bread, cottage pie, curry and spanakopita , sides of rice, chips and half & half and salad (lettuce, cucumber, tomato, pepper, onion & pickled veg slaw with a choice of 3 dressings) to which you can add hummus, pickled veg, slaw, coleslaw, speciality salad, cheese and avocado. There are also wraps and sandwiches in the fridge and they have cakes and scones available all day.

On Brynymor Road, in the Brynmill area of Swansea.

Updated: 23/07/2017
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