Milk and Sugar

Coffee Shop/Restaurant
10 Windsor Place
CF10 3BX

Tel: 07572 495766


Opening Times:
Mon-Sat 8am-6pm

Recommended Recommended
Labelled Vegan Labelled Vegan

Number of Vegan dishes:

Contact them to check.

Comments: Independent coffee shop. They label the vegan option on the specials menu, which changes every couple of weeks. Examples of labelled dishes served include vegan garlic alfredo with asparagus & peas and spring red cabbage, warm apple & carrot salad. They also have a market fresh counter full of fresh vegetables, delivered daily, that customers can ask the chefs to make up exactly what they want. If you are in any doubt, simply ask the chefs directly, as they are behind the service counter. Sweetened and unsweetened soya and almond milks are available for drinks.

Windsor Place is off Queen Street, at the Queen Street railway station end.

Updated: 30/05/2016
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