Ty Rosa B&B

Bed & Breakfast (Gay Friendly)
118 Clive Street

CF11 7JE

Tel: 029 20221964

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Number of Vegan dishes:
See below.

Rooms £42-£69+ per night,
Breakfast £5.95

Comments: Boutique bed and breakfast; it is gay friendly but caters for everyone. They offer a full vegan breakfast menu, cooked in an oven completely separate from where any non-vegan products are cooked. Guests can help themselves to the buffet and then they take orders for hot drinks and choice of cooked breakfast from the a la carte section.
Tea: English breakfast, green, Earl Grey, peppermint, jasmine and various infusion teas.
Coffee: Medium roast or decaffeinated served in a cafetière.
Toast: Brown, granary or white toast is served with vegan spread and you can choose preserves from strawberry, apricot, blackcurrant, marmalade, peanut butter, agave, maple syrup or Marmite.
Cereals: Coco Pops, cornflakes, Weetabix, muesli, Bran Flakes.
Juices: Cranberry, orange, apple, soya or rice milk.
Florida cocktail: Grapefruit, orange & tangerine segments.
Tropical fruit: A variety of freshly prepared fruit from around the world.
Yoghurt: Chocolate, toffee or vanilla flavour soya yoghurt.
A La Carte
Hot porridge; made with water, rice milk or soya milk, with or without sugar or agave. Cinnamon, mixed spice or sultanas can also be added.
Beans on toast; on top of a choice of wholemeal, white or granary toast.
Scrambled tofu “egg” on toast; tofu, turmeric, vegan cheese & herbs scrambled like eggs, on top of a choice of wholemeal, white or granary toast.
Toasted sandwich; choose any of the fillings from the traditional breakfast and they can put them between toasted or untoasted wholemeal, white or granary bread.
Vegan B.L.T (bangers, lettuce & tomato); soya & rosemary sausages, lettuce and sliced tomato on toasted or untoasted wholemeal, white or granary bread.
Welsh style pancakes (pictured); pancakes made with soya milk and almonds, dripping in either agave or maple syrup.
Traditional (choose any of the following): Mushrooms, soya & rosemary sausages, grilled tomato or plum tomato, hash browns, bubble & squeak, baked beans, laverbread, vegan egg-free scrambled eggs (made from tofu), Mexican spiced sweet potato.
They can also offer a wheat/gluten free menu.

In Grangetown, a short distance from the city centre.

Updated: 22/05/2017
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