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Restaraunt and Hotel

Tel: 01874 665387

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Number of Vegan dishes:
For lunch: four starters, three main dishes, and four deserts. There are also sandwiches for a lighter bar snack. I am not sure about the evening menu - I think it is probably similar to lunch.

Main menu (hot meals) for lunch - the starters are around £6, the mains around £13 and the deserts are £7.

Comments: Absolutely delicious vegan lasagna, with courgette and aubergine, with a lovely tomato-based sauce and delicious violife cheese melted on top.

Apparently they have such a good menu because the Director and his partner are vegan, and the chef's partner (who also works there) and her sister, are also vegan, so they put the menu together. They told us that they also do vegan weddings.

In the small village of LLanhmlach. If driving from the direction of Brecon then turn right down a long drive before you get to the church.

Updated: 06/08/2019
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The Old Ford Inn - Pub
Llanhamlach, LD3 7YB

They are not sure if anything on the menu is vegan but given notice can do vegan food.

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Updated: 20/01/2013
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Peterstone Court Hotel - Hotel/Restaurant

A vegan who attended an event here, after giving 4 weeks notice of the fact she was vegan, received a very disappointing experience. Service was bad and there were issues over whether the food she was served was actually vegan. Not recommended.

Updated: 06/04/2014
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User Comments:

Hi, I've just submitted a review of Peterstone Court - it has definitely changed since the bad experience someone else had in 2014. They now have vegans involved in running the place and offer a range of options. I was very impressed.
Elenyd 26/06/2019