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Updated: 28/09/2014
Ferry Cabin Cafe - Cafe
Eva Terrace, SA17 5SF
Tel: 01267 267084

Only provide jacket potatoes and beans or salad for vegans.

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Updated: 28/09/2014
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Updated: 23/02/2019
Pryd - Restaurant/Cafe
Calon Y Fferri

This place does not have an amazing attitude to vegan diners and they serve foie gras and veal. There may be a vegan pie and plant milk available but probably not. The soups are not suitable either.

Updated: 23/02/2019
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User Comments:

Hi, not sure where this info is from, but it’s not accurate. There’s always at least one vegan option in the menu (and the chef is happy to create alternatives if that’s not suitable) and we’ll be hosting a totally vegan night on the 1st October (which we hope will become a regular event). We’ve served foie gras once - but that was for a special request and was sourced from a specialist in ethically reared animals.
Simon 28/09/2020