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Little Haven

Updated: 20/10/2019
The Swan Inn - Pub
Point Road, SA62 3UL
Tel: 01437 781880

Used to be highly recommended as a destination for vegans, but only one or two option on the menu and nothing on a Sunday. See Victoria's comment below.

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Updated: 20/10/2019
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User Comments:

I see this record hasn't been updated for over 2 years and discovered today that it is unfortunately out of date. Booked a table there for lunch as it was dog-friendly and from what I'd read catered for vegans. I asked the waitress when we sat down if there was a separate vegan menu and she said I could choose from any of the fish on the 'Catch of the Day' menu. I explained that as a vegan I don't eat fish (who'd have thought!) and that we'd only come here because I'd read they cater well for vegans and she told me they don't do vegan stuff on a Sunday. Lo and behold, I open the very limited Sunday lunch menu and there's one vegan main (mushroom risotto) on it (no starter and no dessert). I ordered that, and it was nice but very expensive (£15). Just around the bay in Broad Haven you'll find the Galleon Inn that has 6-7 vegan desserts and god knows how many mains - would recommend you go there instead!
Victoria 20/10/2019